SATURDAYS September 15-December 15
Creative Arts Studio in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn

(Erin also teaches on Mondays and Thursdays at Creative Arts Studio - please check CAS registration page for details)

Pre-Professional Teen Dance Program
Maximum of 12 students in each class

Geared toward the serious student seeking advanced training in a pre-professional setting: for dancers ages 12-18 (or eighth through twelfth grades).

Ages 12+

Ballet (9:45-11:15) - $550
OR Ballet with Pointe 9:45-11:45 - $700

11:45-1:15 Contemporary Dance $550

Each Saturday morning from 9:45-11:15, we begin with a classical Ballet class which begins at the barre and moves to center work. Focus is on terminology, posture, balance, breath and integration of the whole body as it moves through space with grace and strength. Ballet opens up our bodies to challenge, reflects our flexibility (mentally and physically) and taps into our receptivity to music….

Pointe Class from 11:15-11:45 is geared toward students who have been studying pointe for at least a year. Our goal is to move away from the barre and begin working on our strength and confidence in center exercises. Next year, we will begin to learn classical variations like “Four Little Swans” from Swan Lake.

Contemporary Dance from 11:45-1:15 is an open, warm and invigorating class which focuses on increasing our stamina both cardiovascularly and emotionally. Dance phrases are organized to tap into our technique and creativity. Active participation is required - dancers are encouraged to investigate their own styles and connection to movement and music.  A pre-professional atmosphere encourages students to challenge themselves and each other. It is a release-based class with elements of Simonson Jazz Technique. This class culminates in two pieces to be performed on stage on June 2, 2019.


To be announced.

If you are interested in specific dates or classes, please email erin: erin@eringottwald.com

Photo by Chris Engles

Photo by Ebbe Sweet

Photo by Ebbe Sweet

Photo by Ebbe Sweet

Photo by Ebbe Sweet